Pre-Eclipsea: Oh My God, Oh My God

Fred Espenak is known as an eclipse chaser. Like a storm chaser, Espenak has traveled to experience multiple partial solar eclipses.  He writes,Daylight suddenly changes to an eerie twilight in just a handful of seconds, and that’s dramatic enough. Then it tends to get quiet. The bright sun that was there just moments ago has vanished. It’s replaced by this black orb of the moon.

You hear some people saying: “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” and they just say it for three minutes. Others are totally speechless. Some people might even be praying. Others, just tears of joy running down their cheek.”

As the country readies for today’s eclipse, eclipsethe reactions even to its approach are varied. I heard one say,  “I don’t really care. After all, the Today Show will report on it tomorrow so I’m not really interested.”  Others are on pilgrimage road trips, posting their pre-eclipse meals, cool hotel stops, and camp sites.

We’re being reminded to wear our glasses and pay attention to our dogs. Cuz, even a dog knows not to look directly into the sun.

What is not being reported in main stream media is its spiritual significance.  Living in a time of national chaos when we feel a certain loss of personal control, an eclipse is the ultimate letting go.  We will watch in amazement because for 1-4 minutes, something larger than humanity is evident.  Whether you marvel at the magnitude of God’s creation or at nature pure and simple, this is not a small event. Nothing is small about God’s creation.

In astrology, eclipses are like a portal for exponential growth. Specifically, eclipses are a time of rapid change, either from internal or external circumstances. We are forced to face change in a way that might be uncomfortable, but that ultimately lead to maturity. Read more

I grew up near the ocean and now live in the Midwest.   You too may recognize feeling “off” until you can travel again to the coast to soak up a reboot of biorhythms. That reset centers my focus, spiritual and temporal.  I have no doubt that today’s eclipse will have a similar effect though significantly beyond proximity to the tidal rhythms of the ocean.  Conscious of it or not, we are spiritual beings living in a celestial universe.  From gravity’s effect to the sun’s solar flares, we are part of an incredible biosphere.

Spiritual friends are timidly posting “Is anyone else feeling it?”  And when it turns out they are, the discussion thread explodes.

My intention for today and the reason for this blog post is to encourage us to show up. Be aware of your awareness.  Feel your being.  Soak in the energy not only of the astronomical alignments but of our alignments with our celestial neighbors.

If you’re fortunate enough to be watching in community, today you will become a new kind of group soul. You will have experienced this event together, remembering that the event is not only the movement of the moon in front of the sun, but the movement of something larger, something tingle worthy!

Some of us will come away with increased faith. Some experience feeling part of something we hadn’t felt a part of before. Some of us who hold emotions in may find it impossible to hold it in for a minute longer.  So don’t.

What I hope none of us do is minimize the day and its potential to impact us. Name it as holy.

My prayer is that it fuels your sense of synchronicity with others and with the universe.  Grab a chair. Grab a patch of lawn.  Watch. Weep. Hug.

And then when it’s over, know that it’s only just begun. What will we do now that we’ve been recharged and renewed?

I’ll be paying attention with you.



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