Pregnant for Advent

Did you hear the news? We’re all pregnant!  It is the central truth of Advent…that we are all “expecting.” Such a miracle is this!  Mary did not take a test to prove she was with child, it was simply announced and she was open to receiving it. Are we?
The knowledge that we are expecting a holy birth has the power to change everything. When you’re expecting, you are full of hope, excitement, and anticipation. You buy gifts with the baby in mind. And the closer the birth, the more you cannot ignore it. The baby kicks, wakes you up, capturing your imagination with all the ways life will change. So it is with Advent. Advent is pregnancy at its best.
I can’t help but wonder how entering the nativity story “pregnant” could change our experience of it.  Otherwise it’s just Christmas, again. And as Jesus might have said to the disciples, “that ain’t right.”

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